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Law: Government Publications

Sources of Government Publications.

E-Wits Catalogue

- Beginner's Guide For Law Students

  Duard Kleyn. Frans Viljoen


- Constitution of the Republic of South Africa

  Juta's Statutes Editors


- English for Law Students

  C Van Der Walt & AG Nienaber


- Introduction to Law and Legal Skills in South Africa

  Tracy Humby at al


- Skills Workbook for Law Students

  Anton Kok


- Introduction to Legal Pluralism

  C Rautenbach, JC Bekker, NMI Goolam


- Law of Persons and the Family

Barratt, A. et al.


South African Constitutional Law in Context

De Vos, P, Freedman, W et al.


Introduction to South African Law- Fresh Perspectives

Meintjes-Vn der Walt, L. Singh, P. Barratt, A. et al.