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This Guide will provide Literature in the search of wide range of Information in the field of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Genetics & Developmental Biology, Biology &Microbiology & Biotechnology


Welcome to the LibGuide for Molecular & Cell Biology. This guide introduces subject resources, help and support, and information on the library services and facilities available to you.

BioPhysical Sciences Library


Access to the BioPhy Library is automatically granted to all registered students, Alumnis and Wits staff.

Facilities: Photocopying, Printing, PCs and quiet study areas.

Information Literacy trainings are offered to users in order to equip them with key skills to successfully search and find information.



Information Resources for Molecular & Cell Biology

BIOL 1000/1006 - Assignment assistance

BIOL 1000/1006 - Finding information resources for your assignment

The below classes would take place in Feb/Mar to assist students in finding information for the below assignment:

It has been proposed that the field of regenerative medicine which deals with the "process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs” should be moving towards revitalising worn-out body parts by removing all of the cells from an organ and then infusing new cells to integrate into the existing matrix in order to restore full functionality.

Discuss the idea of regeneration in this context and present an argument for or against the suggestion that all body parts should be revitalised as they get worn-out.