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Open Educational Resources for Humanities & Social Sciences: Introduction to OERs

This guide provides many free and open resources, including books, journals, databases, podcasts, videos, repository collections, etc. in the Humanities. University lecturers/school teachers and students will find them useful for teaching/learning.


Welcome to this LibGuide on Open Access/Open Educational Resources (OERs) relating to the Humanities.  I hope that educators and students will find the resources useful.  If you have any queries or suggestions about this LibGuide, please contact Denise Nicholson (see contact details in Profile).


  • Introduction to OERs
  • OER Search Enginers
  • OERs/OpenCourseWare Resources
  • Massive Open Onlinew Courses (MOOCs)
  • OERs by Topic (A-L) and (M-Z)
  • Other OA/OER Resources
  • Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs)
  • Digital Libraries/Repositories (South Africa)
  • International Digital Libraries/Repositories)
  • Research Process &  Resources
  • Wits Library Services

For Definitions, Declarations and Other Information about OERs and OA, see: Open Access and OERs.

Please note: Conditions or certain licences, e.g. Creative Commons, may apply to some of these resources.  

Always check the Conditions of Use if you are using the material beyond the provisions of 'Fair Dealing' in the SA Copyright Act. Some may be entirely free to use and reproduce, whilst others may have some conditions related to the re-use or reproduction of works. 

Some linked material on this LibGuide may be copyright protected, so please check and ensure that you obtain the necessary copyright permission, where applicable.

What are OERs?

OERs - Open Educational Resources