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Scholarly Communication/Publication: Self-Publishing

This LibGuide provides researchers and postgraduate students with assistance and resources on publishing (conventional, open publishing and self-publishing) and related issues.

Alerts about Self-Publishing

When approaching a self-publishing firm to publish for you, make sure that:

  • you speak to other authors who have published and find out whether the publisher is reputable; 
  • ask to see examples of what they have published before:
  • get an itemised quote from the publisher first and check if this is a fair and inclusive price;
  • the publisher proof-reads and edits according to accepted publishing standards;
  • you retain full copyright in your work (get this in writing), so that you may re-publish, revise, modify or translate your in the future.
  • it is agreed in writing that if there are any errors on the part of the self-publisher, or modifications made to your work without your consent, that the publisher will rectify the situation within an agreed period, without charge.
  • agreement is reached and reduced to writing as far as royalty percentages, payments, etc. are concerned. 
  • the publisher deposits copies of the work in compliance with the Legal Deposit Act;

Should you need assistance, please contact the Publishers' Association of SA at a similar body if you are not in South Africa).