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Linguistics: Research process

1. Identifying & developing a topic

2. Searching for information

The tools to find and search the various resources mentioned in "The Literature Review" can be found on the Library Services Page, the Reference Source Page and the Electronic Sources Page of this Libguide.

3. Evaluating sources

4. Citing

5. Writing & Proofreading

Consider consulting these two books that are available in the Wits Library, and the link to Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) when needing help in writing and proofreading.


The General Rules of the Univesity requires every post-graduate student to submit two final, corrected copies of the dissertation or research report or thesis in a printed format as well as a final, corrected copy in electronic format.  Obtain guidance from your Department or Faculty Office.  The link below will guide you in the preparation of the required electronic verion.