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Scholarly Research and Related Resources: Copyright

This is a one-stop Portal to assist researchers/postgraduate students in the research process. You will find information on the whole research process, publishing and other related topics.

Guidelines when using others' copyright material

Please note that if you include any copyright material (apart from short quotations) in your thesis/dissertation that will be made accessible on the Web, (e.g. on an institutional repository/ETD database), then you must cite the relevant sources and obtain written permission from the copyright owners first.  When submitting your thesis/dissertation to your Faculty, you should submit the written permissions as well.

Publishers' Copyright Policies regarding Institutional Repositories

Many publishers allow a pre-print (not peer-reviewed) or peer-reviewed postprint (final draft adn peer-reviewed, but not publishers' final PDF version) to be deposited in an institutional repository such as WIReDSpace.  Some publishers even allow their final PDF version (published version) to be deposited.  For information about publishers' copyright policies, please check SHERPA/ROMeO website  

Compliance with Funders' Copyright requirements

PDF Versions allowed to be deposited in Institutional Repositories

Many publishers allow the final PDF published version of a work to be deposited in an institutional repository, like WIReDSpace.

See list of the publishers that allow their final PDF versions to be deposited

Authors wanting to deposit copies of their articles onto WIReDSpace need to check the Copyright Policies first.  If the publisher allows a pre-print, postprint or the final PDF version, then the author can go ahead and load their works, without requesting permission from the publishers. Generally a link from the work on WIReDSpace is made to the published version on the publishers' website. 

Citations should be made to the published works, not pre-print or postprint versions.