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Water - Government Publications: Departmental Reports

Official documents published by the Government of South Africa and Governments South of the Sahara

Dept. of Water Affairs: Division of Hydrological Research Technical Reports

Proposed Hydrological investigation for a group of mountain catchments in Drakensberg by J.P Kriel 16 1960

Water law in the Republic of South Africa by G.A.R Dowling 41 1967

University of the Witwatersrand Hydrological Unit Research Report

2/69 Surface Water Resources of South Africa

1/73 Climatology and hydrology of the St Lucia Lake System

2/76 A mathematical Model for generating daily river flows from meteorological data in South Africa

1/80 A model to compute on a monthly basis diffuse salt loads associated with runoff

2/80 Analysis of large-area storms in S.W.A/Namibia

3/80 Evaluating the effectiveness  of the Mfolozi- St Lucia link by numerical modelling

3/81 A model to simulate daily river flows and associated diffuse- soucrce conservative pollutants.

4/81 A model to simulate the monthly water and salt balance in the Vaal River Water Supply System

5/81 A model to simulate the daily water and salt balance in the Vaal River Water Supply System

6/81 Data used for the modelling of the PWVS Water supply system

1/85 Data collection for the study of run-off, lolute and sediment generating processes in a semi-arid catchment

Water Research Commission Reports

Annual Reports