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This guide has been created specifically for undergraduate BCMP students

Wireless and Mobile at Wits University

The Witwatersrand Health Sciences Library is fully covered for WiFi access, and there are power points at each work station, where you can charge your tablet or cell phone. There is also WiFi coverage in the medicinal garden outside.

For details on how to set up your access, please download one of the booklets produced by  WIts Information and Communications Technology ( WITS  ICT). There is a booklet for staff, and one for students, with links below.

Please note that the librarians are not qualified to set up, or trouble shoot WiFi access for you. If you cannot resolve a problem yourself

 - you can take your tablet to the WITS ICT  at the  WITS ICT Offices  on  3rd floor of Medical School or at WITS ICT Solomon Mahlangu House, Braamfontein.

 - phone ITS ICT help line (011717 1717/2495/2785) or

 - log a call online


*Reset your password at any time:  (Staff need to first register at  )

*Register your new or existing mobile device at:

*Log your own call on our portal:


What is an app?

"a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose; an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device" [viewed 30th January 2014]


You and Your Device

In this LibGuide, we will be talking about Android devices only. The reason for this is that the BCMP students have been given Samsung tablets.

 What do you want to do with your tablet? It should be possible to be a paperless student.  You can use it for note-takinginformation gathering, data storage and communication

You will need WiFi to be able to download apps, and access the electronic resources, but you can take notes, write up reports and assignments, and read downloads when you do not have WiFi. 

Medical Apps

Here are a few suggestions for apps you might find useful. The links will direct you to where you can download the app. You will need to download these onto your mobile device. Cover art Cover art


There are numerous apps available free of charge, and Evernote is one of the most popular tools for both organisation and note - taking. It is free of charge.  

Thieme E-Book downloads

The Thieme e-books can be downloaded onto your Android tablet. These include many atlases, and other books at undergraduate level. 

In order to download Thieme E-Book Library titles to your Android tablet, you will need to download and install the iPublishCentral Reader App first.  
Reading: Open the iPublishCentral Reader and tap on a downloaded title to open the book. Most of our titles are quite image heavy- please be patient

Here is a well-illustrated guide to downloading Thieme books