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Wartenweiler Circulation And General Services Guide: Multimedia Unit

A Guide to the Main Services of the Wartenweiler Library

Multimedia Centre -MMC

The Multimedia Centre (MMC) is housed on the second floor of the Wartenweiler Library. The collection consists of DVDs, CDs and VHS. The centre has two big viewing rooms. Room 1 accommodates 20 students, and room 2 accommodates 50 students. The rooms may be booked in advance by both staff and students. Booking may be done personally by producing a staff or student card or telephonically  by phoning +11 717-1959.

MMC material is loaned to staff for a week, and 3 renewals are allowed. Students can only book and watch the material on the same day the booking was made, they are not allowed to take out material. MMC is the only section where students are allowed to watch Youtube  and do not need to book. Typing of assignments is not allowed in this section.