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Wartenweiler Circulation And General Services Guide: Faculty Staff Induction

A Guide to the Main Services of the Wartenweiler Library

Wartenweiler Library: Essential Information


Staff Induction Calendar and Booking Form


Dear Colleague,


Welcome to The Faculty Of Humanities! We hope that you are enjoying your tenure thus far..and would like to introduce you to the Wartenweiler Main Library and its services. The Wartenweiler team has a programme of induction for new Faculty staff,and the aims of this programme are as follows:

1. Acquaint new staff with library service offerings.

2. Introduce new staff to the Library Webpage and the services listed there.

3. Familiarize new staff with the service points within the library, through walk-around tours.

4. Initiate Faculty-Library communications as aligned with existing policies and procedures.

5. Initiate dialogue with regard to subject and resource provision.

6. Giving direction on budget, ordering, plug your information literacy projects, workshops, open access.