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Learning Disabilities and Disorders Affecting Learning: Definitions

This Guide provides information, services and resources to assist parents with children who have learning disabilities or disorders affecting learning, and for people with learning disabilities or disorders affecting learning.


Welcome to this LibGuide on Learning Disabilities.  I hope you will find useful information and resources to address your queries. 

Please note that these resources are provided for information only - not for any diagnosis, referral or medical purposes.  Should you require this type of assistance, please ensure that you seek professional assistance from a medical expert in that field.


  • Definitions
  • Conventions, Laws and Declarations
  • Wits Disability Unit
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Disabilities/Disorders Affecting Learning
  • Assistive Technologies for Learning Disabilities
  • Organisations, Associations and Services
  • Copusnelling, Coaching and Crisis Services
  • Govt. and Special Reports on Learning Disabilities
  • Articles and Web Resources
  • Research Process & Resources
  • Wits Library Services & Resources


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Please also note that some of the material on this LibGuide is copyright protected and if you need to reproduce the material, you may need to appy for copyright clearance first.

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