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Legal Deposit in South Africa: LD Committee

This Guide provides information about legislation, application and enforcement of the Legal Deposit Act and useful resources for publishers, librarians and others involved in compliance with this legislation.

LD Committee - 2019 - 2022

Annual Reports on LD in SA

Responsibilities of LD Committee

Legal Deposit Committee (Mandated in terms of Section 8 of the Legal Deposit Act)

8. (1) There is hereby established a committee called the Legal Deposit
Committee, consisting of-

(a) the heads of the places of legal deposit referred to in section 6 (1);

(b) the head of the Government Printing Works;

(c) one representative for all provincial official publications depositories, designated by the Minister in the prescribed manner; and

(d) two representatives of the publishing industry, designated by the Minister in the prescribed manner:

Provided that the regulations prescribing the manner of designation shall apply the principles of transparency and representivity.

(2) The Minister may appoint no more than four additional members to the Committee in the prescribed manner to represent other interested parties,
including representatives of library and information services.

(3) The Minister shall, in consultation with the various interest groups, such as the publishers and the library and information services sector, appoint
one of the members in the prescribed manner as chairperson of the Committee to serve for a renewable term of three years.

(4) The object of the Committee is to coordinate and promote the implementation of this Act.

(5) The Committee shall-

(a) advise the Minister on any matter dealt with in this Act;

(b) make recommendations to the Minister concerning any regulations which the Minister may make under this Act;

(c) co-ordinate the tasks carried out by the various places of legal deposit in respect of legal deposit;

(d) advise any place of legal deposit regarding any matter dealt with in this Act;

(e) establish subcommittees or working groups when necessary to investigate any matter dealt with in this Act and to execute any tasks relating
to the implementation of this Act and to co-opt persons to such subcommittees or working groups for the duration of the investigation or task; and

(f) report to Parliament on the activities and financial affairs of the places of legal deposit in accordance with the provisions of the Reporting by
Public Entities Act, 1992 (Act 93 of 1992).

(6) No remuneration shall be payable to the members of the Committee or the members of its subcommittees or working groups other than such reasonable travel and subsistence costs as the Minister with the concurrence of the Minister of Finance may determine within the limits of the approved budget of the Committee, its subcommittees and working groups.