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Scholarly Research and Related Resources: Intro & Definitions

This is a one-stop Portal to assist researchers/postgraduate students in the research process. You will find information on the whole research process, publishing and other related topics.


Welcome to this LibGuide on Scholarly Research and Resources. These Resources are intended to assist researchers and postgraduate students in the research process and to provide them with useful resources. Undergraduates will also find useful information to assist them with writing and presenting research reports/assignments, etc. 

Click on topic tab and find relevant information in that section. Some tabs have sub-sections so click on drop-down button on relevant tabs for more information.  If you have any queries about this LibGuide or would like to add other useful resources to this LibGuide, please contact Denise Nicholson - see Profile for contact details.


  • Introduction and Definitions
  • Research Institutes/Councils, etc.
  • Research at Wits University (incl. Wits OA Strategy, RIMS and Wits Library Services)
  • Research Resources
  • Research Process  (the various steps in the research cycle)
  • Funding research
  • Writing Tips and Presenting your Research
  • Typography and Formatting
  • Open Access Resources
  • Scholarly Communication / Publishing Guidelines
  • Dept. of Higher Education & Training's List of Accredited Journals
  • Predatory/Questionable Publishers
  • Plagiarism
  • Copyright & other IP issues
  • Metrics
  • Data Management and Data Resources


Please note:  Some linked material on this LibGuide is copyright protected so ensure when using the material beyond 'Fair Dealing', that you obtain the necessary copyright permission.