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WHSL Emergency Medicine: Databases & Websites

Essential databases

Drug Therapy and Poisoning Resources

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News & Media

Here you will find news articles. Some databases (such as SA Media) include news clippings, which you will use if you are looking for archived news articles, some of which may be fairly current. The other databases (such as IOL) include up to the minute reports on news as it happens. 

South African Sites



Search Google Scholar or Wikipedia

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Our Access Databases via Mobile Devices

Using your browser on a PC, open the Access database (Medicine, Pharmacy, or Emergency Medicine).

Click on "My Accessmedicine" (or equivalent) > Create Profile > Save.

You will be able to use this username and password on your mobile device to open the McGrawHill Access products. As with all our e-resources you will have to go in via a link from a library site.

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