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WHSL Dermatology: Publishing Your Research

Where to Publish?

Submitting your dissertation or thesis for examination is not the end of your research journey. Every effort should be made to publish your work in the form of a journal article, even if you present it at a conference as a paper or poster. This is particularly important if you are hoping to continue a career in research, or even if you wish to attend other conferences - your chances of being funded will improve significantly if you publish a paper in a peer-reviewed academic journal in your field. 

Normally you will publish with your supervisor/s as a co-author. Please consult your department before submitting a manuscript for publication to find out the correct protocol observed. 

At Wits, publication is encouraged in a DHET approved journal, so that a publication subsidy is earned for the University. A proportion of this subsidy is passed onto the School/Department and a portion to the author for further research and/or publication activities. Lists of DHET approved journals are provided in the box below, as are links to finding the impact factor of the journal in which you publish.

Department of Higher Education and Training Accredited Publications

Among the lists, we would like to highlight the DHET list. Form this year, 2019, and as with all journals appearing in international indices, the DHET list will no longer contain journals appearing in SCIELO SA. As an approved index for purposes of research subsidy claims by the DHET, and among Scopus, ISI, IBSS and the Norwegian List, journals whose seat of publication is in South Africa will be removed from the DHET List if and when they appear in SCIELO-SA. This will be in line with all other South African journals appearing in other international indices that are approved by the DHET. That means, the affected journal will have to undergo and comply with the conditions; quality checks and, generally, stipulated publishing policy of the index of the listed journal.

The Department of Education defines an accredited/approved journal as follows:
Journals refer to peer-reviewed periodical publications devoted to disseminating original research and new developments within specific disciplines, sub-disciplines or field of study. These include original articles, research letters, research papers, and review articles. However, only approved journals are subsidised.

For your convenience we include a SEARCH ENGINE FOR ACCREDITED JOURNALS where ALL the accredited journal lists can be searched simultaneously. ~ (Courtesy of Corrie Breitenbach and Elize van Eldik, North-West University Library)

Where to publish?