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WHSL BCM&H and Beyond Survival Guide: Computer Related Information

A brief overview of using information resources from WHSL and other useful information, designed for students entering GEMP I

Medical School Computer Labs

There are several large fixed line computer labs on level 3 of the Medical School, which are used for teaching and learning, but can also be used by students when not reserved for teaching or examination purposes. A student assistant (usually identified by means of a yellow cap) is available to assist with computer-related enquiries in these labs. Printing facilities are also available. 

There is also a computer lab within the academic complex at CH Baragwanath Hospital (opposite the Bara Branch Library).

Laptop Charging Stations @ WHSL

All fixed study carrells are fitted with electrical plugs for charging laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc. You will need your own adaptor. 

Laptop charging stations

Remote Access to e-Information Resources

Remote (off campus) access to e-books, e-journals and e-databases requires you to set a Library PIN. Please remember this PIN as you will use it for the rest of your studies at Wits. When you click on a link to one of these e-resources from anywhere off campus, you will be required to enter your PIN to validate your status as a Wits student. Normally you will have to enter this PIN once only per session. Please click on any of the links in this section to see how to set your PIN

Computing Services for Students at Wits

A comprehensive Computer & Network Services (CNS) Guide to all computer services available for students can be found here. Please contact the student help desk, or phone 011 717-1717 for assistance with problems logging on, with your e-mail box or with using Internet or standard software programs. 

The Student Service Desk in Senate House offers configuration support to student devices i.e. setting up to access email and Internet. If the Service Desk cannot help you with advice over the telephone, the Student Assistant at the desk will log a call for you with the Service Desk and provide you with a reference number for the problem and a consultant will assist. Unfortunately there is limited assistance available at the Medical School and the librarians can not help with these enquiries. 


As a student and a user of the Wits University network you are required to ensure that your computer is adequately protected with antivirus software. You are also responsible for ensuring the adequate backing up of your own data prior to CNS providing you with configuration support.


WHSL Computer Labs

All WHSL venues are available only when not in use for teaching and training purposes. 

Two fixed-line computer venues are available in WHSL.

The Cyber Classroom is available for use by students between 08H30 - 16H45. Use your student number and password to log onto the computers. No access to private e-mail and social networking sites is allowed in this venue.

The Cyber Resource Centre is also available for use by students between 08H30 - 16H45. Use your student number and password to log onto the computers. No access to private e-mail and social networking sites is allowed in this venue.

Three further wifi-enabled discussion and study areas are available (the Cyber Space and the two Cyber Teaching & Learning classrooms) for use with your own computing devices These spaces are enclosed by glass walls. Please ensure that you respect the rights of others using WHSL by keeping noise to a minimum in these venues. The Discussion Room in the south-west corner is also now wifi enabled and has a limited number of plug points available.

Please note that the library does not create log on passwords for students.

Absolutely NO EATING OR DRINKING is permitted in any of these venues.


All areas of WHSL are wifi enabled. Follow the set-up steps required to enable your device on page 38 et seq (Section 16) of the Student Computer Services Guide, or you can try following the guides listed below from Library Computer Services in Wartenweiler Library. Limited assistance with wifi configuration is available at Medical School. Please refer to the student help desk in Senate House for assistance if the "Yellow Caps" in the computer labs on Level 3 can't help. The Librarians can not assist with wifi configuration for your various devices. 

WiFi Config for Windows XP

WiFi Config for Windows 8

WiFi Config for Mac OS

Printing @ WHSL

There are no printers available for student use in any of WHSL's computer labs (fixed line or wi-fi). However you can select to print to a GEMP printer which is located in the photocopy area @ WHSL. 

You can only select the PRINT option in the Cyber Classroom. Click Print and select either FAHS Black & White or FAHS Colour. You can collect Black & White prints from the GEMP photocopier/printer in WHSL; Colour copies can  be collected from CHSE & WHSL.