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WHSL 2nd Year Student Guide: How to Access the Library Resources

This guide will help you to use the library resources in order for you to do well in your studies

Use the e-Wits Catalogue

The library catalogue is used to search  for information in the library which includes print books and journals, e-books and e-journals, and to make an "overnight" booking for books which are in demand. The catalogue (OPAC or Online Public Access Catalogue) shows the shelf number (or the address on the shelf at which the book can be found) and the status of the material (whether the book is on the shelf, or whether it has been issued to someone else). You can search the catalogue using keywords, author's name, title of the book, journal title, or medical subject heading (or MeSH for short).


Create a PIN & Renew Books Online

Follow the step-by-step guides below on how to create a PIN to renew books, find out which books you have out in your name, or check to see how much you owe in fines.The PIN will also allow you to use WHSL's electronic resources from home, from the residences, or when you are doing fieldwork away from work, such as when you are in your rural blocks.

How to create a Library PIN see link below.

Click here to create your PIN or login



Payment of Fines

WHSL staff members may not accept cash in payment of fines. Load money onto your student card in the same way as for use of the photocopiers. Money can be deposited on student cards at  the ICAM-machine, which is located outside the Library adjacent to the ATM in the foyer of the medical School Building. Your card will be debited with the amount of your fine on presentation of your card at the WHSL issue desk.

WHSL Rules

  • Do not bring food and drinks in the library.
  • Always return books on or before the date stamped on the return date slip at the back of the book.
  • If you reach a maximum amount of R30.00 in fines, you will not be allowed to take out any library material.
  • If you do not collect the overnight book you have reserved (booked), you will be suspended for a period of 30 days. This means you can't use any Wits Library for 30 days!
  • No cash can be taken in payment for fines. Please load money onto your student card to pay for fines.
  • WHSL is a silent study library. Please respect fellow students by not making noise at the study areas. Postgraduate students also study in WHSL, and get very angry if they are disturbed. 

Angry patron 

Note: You may only use your cell phone in WHSL in designated areas. These include the Discussion Room and the area next to the issue desk.  Cell phone use in other Wits Libraries is not permitted. 

Basic WHSL Survival Guide

WHSL Survival Guide

Loan Periods @ WHSL

WHSL print books  may be borrowed for 2 weeks/3 days/1 day  and renewed for a maximum of four times

Note: Other Wits Libraries have different loan periods, depending on whether you are an undergraduate student, a postgraduate student, or a member of staff. Always check the date sheet at the back of the book for the return date that is stamped there. Fines will be incurred for late return of items.