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Copyright and Related Issues: Copyright Amendment Bill (final version approved by NCoP on 28.3.2019)

This Libguide is a useful guide on international, regional and South African copyright and related issues.

Copyright Amendment Bill B13B - 2017 (Final approved version)

Copyright Bill returned to Parliament by President June 2020

USTR and the Copyright Bill

Senior Counsel Opinion on CAB

Was the tagging of the Bill correct?

The most recent amendment of the Copyright Act No. 98 of 1978 (as amended) was Act No. 9 of 2002.  This was a Section 75 Bill which was passed by Parliament and the President and enacted in 2002.  

Was the Bill tagged correctly?  See pages 34-46 of SC Cowen's Opinion 

Re-tagging Bills that have been passed by Parliament could present a problem and precedent for other legislation passed by Parliament.

Infographics on the Bill