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Copyright and Related Issues: USTR GSP trade threats re: Bill

This Libguide is a useful guide on international, regional and South African copyright and related issues.

ALL public submissions to USTR hearings on 31 January 2020

Submissions made to public hearing process of USTR - to withdraw trade review

Articles/Calls for President to sign the Bill

USTR Special 301 Report 2020 (excludes South Africa)

Documents relating to constitutionality of the Bill

The President is under obligation in terms of the Section 79 of the Constitution to act on the Bill within a reasonable period.  The Bill was approved by the NCoP in March 2019.  He must either sign it or return it to the National Assembly, but the latter can only be done if there are issues around constitutionality, not for any other reason.  

Q & As about the Bill

YouTube Interviews on Copyright Amendment Bill (24.2.2020)

Genesis and Process of the Bill

Fair use resources

SA's submission to WTO TRIPS Agreement and the Copyright Three-Step Test

ReCreate South Africa Resources