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Scholarly Communication/Publication: Predatory Publishers

This LibGuide provides researchers and postgraduate students with assistance and resources on publishing (conventional, open publishing and self-publishing) and related issues.

Predatory and Vanity Book Publishers

What is Predatory Publishing?

Questionable Transcription Services

How to Avoid Predatory Publishing or Conferences

Predatory Publishers (Fake Science) Sucks!

Predatory Publishing Bibliography

Predatory Journals that have been removed from the DHET accredited list

National Research Foundation (South Africa) - Statement on Predatory Publishers

Avoiding Predatory Publishing

Ensure you select a reputable, accredited OA journal before publishing via the OA Gold Route. See OA accredited journals. Rather adopt the OA Green Route (i.e. publishing in an accredited subscription based journal and placing a copy of your publication in Wits Institutional Repository (WIREDSPACE). To check what version your publishers allow for deposit in WIREDSPACE, see: Copyright Policies. 

Avoiding Predatory Publishing practices

Predatory Publishing Practices