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MA In ICT Programme Subject Guide.: Data Management

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Data Management: An Introduction

Choosing Your Research Method

DOCUMENT REVIEW: For a document review, review  you need to have access to lots of original documents that have not been analysed.

HISTORICAL REVIEW: For historical review, you  gather evidence, assess evidence then tell a story maybe more than one story.

CASE METHODS: case methods you get all the information around one illustrative or typical case.

ORGANIZATIONAL OR CULTURAL STUDY:  you find out what was happening in people's minds by interview or focus groups, on-line forums or anonymous surveys.

Once you have reflected on this and made your decision on the research  type, you  then PLAN what sort of data you will collect, how you will organize it , how you will analyse it , store it and finally what you will do when you are done.

Data Management Resources and Links

Data Management: Policy Documents

Data Management