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BUILT ENVIRONMENT: Planning: Yeoville Studio

This is a gateway to support students in rural- as well as urban developmental studies.


Yeoville Studio is a community-based education and research initiative spearheaded by Wits School of Architecture and Planning, and coordinated by Claire Benit-Gbaffou. Students, staff members and Yeoville residents and organizations are jointly running projects about what it means to live in Yeoville, how residents could have more say in their environment, what are local issues that matter to people, and how to think about possible responses to these issues. For more information, please go to

Student Research Projects

Printed and Multimedia Material available in the Wits Architecture Library re. Yeoville projects (ask at the desk for the 'Yeoville Archives'):

1. Are we alone? Existing associations/networks that represent street traders in Yeoville. 

2. "The beating of the Wings" 1908 to 1990: a History compiled by Ursula Morton.(Photocopy)

3. Boy meets girl in Yeoville.Sheik Anta Diop College Learners Play.(Video)ARPL2009 Wits 20104.

4. Contesting Helvetia. Hlangweni, N; Lethiba, S; Khan, N; Matabane,B; Mohapi, L.

5.Design interventions for Street Trading in Yeoville. Mavikane, D.

6.Design with diversity in Yeoville: incorporating the thoughts of users into the design of the Yeoville Park. Bagus, N.

7.Desire boundaries: semiotics at the edge of a building. Keightly-Smith,K.

 8.EATING EXPERIENCE IN YEOVILLE; RESEARCH REPORT.ARPL2009 Wits 2010. Dlamini,N; Kgasi,K; Khumalo,N; Mphafudi,S; Nkosi,L; Seturumane,T; Sott,I;Zimu, N. & EATING EXPERIENCE IN YEOVILLE; RESTAURANT PICTURES.ARPL2009 Wits 2010. Dlamini,N et al.

9. Edu-Play District. Saloojee, A.

10.The family and the Church: St Aidan's Church - Yeoville- Johannesburg (Photocopy)

11.Four Yeoville Building Stories.

12.The Governance of the ANC branch at Yeoville. Phasha,M and Ntombela, X.

13. Governing the Yeoville Market: What is the role of the Traders in the Governance of the Market? Bakwa,K; Motloung,L and Khanyile,M.

14.Glimpses of Truth: Portraits of Yeoville Activists.

15.The History of Attempts to create a business forum in Rocky Raleigh, Yeoville. Valli, R; Mkhonza,S and Mkwanazi,N.

16.Informal Street Trading in Yeoville. Daya,S.

17.INNOVATION IN SUBSIDISED RENTAL HOUSING DESIGN; 2010 COMPETITION BRIEF. ARPL2000. NO's 1.Urban Histories, 2.Housing Types, 3.Subdivision of Houses or Flats, 4.Renting and Subletting, 5.Survey of vacant plots, 6.Other uses of Residential Buildings.

18. INTRODUCTION TO LAND MANAGEMENT; RESEARCH REPORT ARPL2013, WITS2010.Bagus,N; Ismail,T; Pagiwa,LS; Zachariou,G et al.

19. An intervention for Yeoville trade. Tshuwa, L.

20. Living and Working in Yeoville 2010. Moleta,K S; Flax,D Z; Motjomane, M D; Moremoholo, S; Ndaba, SGS; Ngcaku, A; Ngonyama, G N; Nzimande, N L; Khumo,S; Vukea, VC and Zungu,NP.

21. Negotiating Proximity and Distance with Yeoville: a study of Westminster Mansions. Motsoeneng, M; Sello, K; Tshuwa, L.

22.PERCEPTIONS OF STREET TRADERS ALONG ROCKEY/RALEIGH; RESEARCH REPORT. ARPL2009 WITS 2010. Daya,S; Ismail,T; Mathabatha,M; Mondliwa,S; Hlangweni, N; Manoko,T; Mavikane,D 

23.Politics of Patience: exploring the politics around Patience, the landlady in Minida Mansions. Kazie, M Z; Mangera; A; Khumalo, S D; Carmichael, N.

24.Portrait of a Street: Muller Street.

25.Reactions to an Urban Crisis: an investigation of community responses to bad buildings in Yeoville.Dube,Z; Petrie,A and Skosana,L.

26.Re-imagining Yeoville: Local/global connections. Baer,P et al.

27. 'Rockview Heights or Scamview Heights?'; the management crisis of sectional title buildings in Yeoville. Ebrahim, T; Mkhiza, T; Ngwenya, I K; Nyanda,N.

28.Safety through design. Mangera, A.

29. Spaza shopkeepers, the City and the local 'community' - the case of Yeoville. Matjomane, M D.

30. What do we want Yeoville Park to cater for us as its Community? Mkhize, Thembani

31. Yeoville design intervention: trade. Sello, K

32. Yeoville forever and ever: Informal street trading; entrenched problems, existing alternatives and emerging design intervention. Hlangweni, N.

33. Yeoville intervention - based on play theme. Khan, M M.

34.Yeoville Report: the role of churches in the fight against xenophobia. Dlamini, T; Makgato,R and Vena,V.


36. YEOVILLE STORIES 1-3 ARPL4005 2010.


38. Yeoville Research Project; investigation of the Trade-Offs made by Residents of 15 Observatory Avenue. Khoza, P S; Masutha, M; Maseko, R; Anaman,G; Nkomo,S.

39. YOUTH'S USAGE OF SPACE IN YEOVILLE; RESEARCH REPORT.ARPL2009 Wits 2010.Bagus,N; Kazie,MZ; Masemula,T; Moteane,T; Msibi,A; Pagiwa,LS, Saloojee,A.


Research Resources: Online Theses