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WHSL Citing the Medical Literature: WHSL Recommends

How to cite print and electronic books and journals using Vancouver or Harvard styles for use in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand (GEMP 1 BMCS, MTP1, MTP2)

Medical Students

Medical Student Overload

Image of a medical student hard at work taken from, Joshua Batt's blog from Las Vegas, NV, USA. Thanks, Joshua! Hope you're in practice by now. Also hope you got this cartoon from a legitimate source - there's no acknowledgement of source or copyright © symbol on your blog.

WHSL does not endorse content from this blog. Use the information if you like, but we can't say if it's good, bad or indifferent.

Getting Used to the Language Doctors and Health Scientists Use to Communicate with Each Other

You are at Wits to study medicine and the health sciences. Please check with your lecturers and tutors as to which citation style you should use before submitting any written work, but WHSL strongly suggests you begin to learn the language of communication in medicine, especially if you have enrolled for an MBBCh. Part of this language is using the Vancouver style for medical citations.

Whichever style you finally opt to use, remember that the key to good citation practice is consistency. Choose one style for your written work, and keep the same style throughout that piece of work. Punctuation is extremely important.

You will soon get used to reading and citing references to medical text books and journals.