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WHSL Citing the Medical Literature: Citation Exercises

How to cite print and electronic books and journals using Vancouver or Harvard styles for use in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand (GEMP 1 BMCS, MTP1, MTP2)


Article from Scientific American

  1. Find the following article in print at WHSL: Scientific American 2001, 284(2):68-69.
  2. Read the article.
  3. Summarize the information and write a short paragraph (not more than 250 words) about the key concepts discussed in the article.
  4. Paraphrase (use your own words) most of the time.
  5. Use one short quotation, ensuring that the quotation is enclosed in "inverted commas".
  6. Cite the article in the body of your text, using either the Vancouver or the Harvard Style of referencing.
  7. Using the same citation style you used in the text, list the reference at the end of your summary (précis).
  8. What is different (unusual) about the pagination used in Scientific American?
  • Hint: You will only be able to answer the last question by examining the physical journal on the shelf at WHSL.


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