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Welcome to your Wits School of Governance (WSG) Libguide. This is a platform through which we hope to provide the School access to Library Resources pertinent to your information needs.


                                                          Looking for SAKAI Or TURNITIN ? 

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What is Turnitin?

Interpreting Originality Report on Turnitin

How-To-Guide on Turnitin for Students

To check your research reports, theses or dissertations on, see How-To-Guide below.  For any queries or additional information, please contact Nkaba Senne on 011 7177179  (email or Neo Petlele on 011 7177183 (  for assistance.  

You can also contact Denise Nicholson (011 7171929) ( (1st Floor, Wartenweiler Library, East Campus) or contact your Faculty/Branch Librarian for assistance with checking assignments/research reports on Turnitin. 

Who can assist Wits staff and students with Turnitin reports?

If your lecturer/supervisor has not set up Turnitin facilities for you under a Course Code on SAKAI, or if you need assistance with checking documents or reviewing journal articles, you may request assistance from the e-Learning Unit at the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Development (CLTD) on the West Campus (diagonally opposite the Flower Hall)  or your Librarian or staff at Wartenweiler Writing Centre. 

You can now access Turnitin by setting up your own Assignment on SAKAI - see Guide above.