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WHSL Information Sources in the Health Sciences: Exercises Using MedlinePlus

Guides you through the various types of information sources and their use


MedlinePlus contains

  • A dictionary
  • A medical encyclopaedia
  • Health topics organised by
    • Body systems
    • Disorders and conditions
    • Diagnosis and therapy
    • Demographic groups (eg. Children)
    • General health and wellness issues
  • Videos and other cool tools such as interactive tutorials and calculators

Suggested Exercises

Use MedlinePlus to

  1. Find the definition of prophylactic in the dictionary.
    1. Note: By clicking on the audio tab you can hear the term pronounced
  2. Find background information about malaria in the medical encyclopedia  
  3. Find a picture of an adult mosquito feeding on skin
  4. Find information on the use of DDT to control malaria
    1. NB: DDT is no longer considered safe for use in the USA. Some information in this factsheet may therefore be out of date
  5. Find and play with an interactive tutorial on gout
  6. Find and play with a short anatomy video on a dislocated shoulder joint
  7. Find a web site on the anatomy of the hand

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