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A guide to assist students and staff locate Anaesthesiology-related resources.

Welcome to the Anaesthesiology LibGuide

Welcome. This guide will help you find resources which will help you succeed in your studies and research. We hope this will help you find your way to specialised anesthesiology information. There are links to core books, journals, databases, and websites. 

Please refer to other medical guides for additional help.

Click on the tabs at the top of the page to navigate around the guide.

Whats Hot- #E-resources

Great new way to search for drug information by drug class. RxClass allows users to search and browse drug classes and their RxNorm drug members through a simple Web interface

You can convert PubMed search results to Excel spread sheets. Read this blog article, and download the software here. This will be very useful for systematic reviews, as you will be able to sort.

          How to Access Pubmed with your devices e.g Tablet or Samsung

Click to open is a useful document from the South African Medical Association.

News from Mcgraw Hill (AccessAnaesthesiology)

Here are some details on what the MyAccess profile will now offer users in one central, easy to access location:

- Favorites: Users can bookmark their favorite content within their MyAccess account. Currently users are limited to saving only figures and tables within MyAccess. We have expanded this functionality to include chapters, chapter sections, videos, cases.

- Self-Assessment:  Quiz results will be stored for users in their MyAccess profile to return to at any time; users can still email results at the time of taking the quiz.

- Recently Viewed: Similar to a browser history, this lets users easily pick up where they might have left off on the site in the last 30 days - whether they were interrupted on the site or cannot remember where that figure was they found the other day.

- Custom Curriculum:  For institutions that use Custom Curriculum, the MyAccess profile will display the user's most recent upcoming - or overdue - assignments.

- Remote access messaging:  Because our remote access and IP authentication make it easy for our users to access their institution's subscriptions, sometimes there is confusion around remote access and how it works.  We have added dynamic messaging to the user explaining when they are accessing the site remotely, when their remote access expires, and how to keep it current.

Anaesthesiology News Feeds

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Latest Anaesthesia Systematic Reviews

Here is the result of a saved search for systematic reviews. If you need help locating articles, please ask for help at the WHSL Information Desk, or click on "get help from a librarian" in the box below

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Latest Anaesthesia Guidelines

Here is the result of a saved search for guidelines. If you need help locating guidelines, please ask for help at the WHSL Information Desk, or click on "get help from a librarian" in the box below. 

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Ask for help

The link below opens a form. Fill in as much detail as possible, fully describing your problem, or asking your question. Please include as much detail as possible about yourself, including your Wits staff or student number, your field of study, and your affiliation to Wits.

Department of Anaesthesia

Please refer to the Department of Anaesthesia for queries relating to the academic program .

Wits Resources for Postgraduate Students and Researchers

Social Media Use

Here is some practical and ethical guidance for doctors and medical students.

Keeping up to date on changes

Remember that the Guide will change regularly  as more and more resources are added, and outdated resources are removed. Be prepared for changes every time you open the LibGuide as improvements are made.

To keep up to date on the changes you can subscribe to an RSS feed. See link above "RSS Updates" Alternatively, sign up for email alerts about any changes

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