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WBS : Masters of Finance : Presenting Your Assignment

This subject portal has been created for students at WBS who are studying for the above degree. You will find links to important library resources, all on one page, that will help you with your research.

  Writing Your Assignment

    Literature Review

    Why Should you Cite your Sources

Giving credit to the original author by citing sources is the only way to use other people's work without plagiarizing. But there are a number of other reasons to cite sources:

  1. citations are extremely helpful to anyone who wants to find out more about your ideas and where they came from.
  2. not all sources are good or right -- your own ideas may often be more accurate or interesting than those of your sources. Proper citation will keep you from taking the rap for someone else's bad ideas.
  3. citing sources shows the amount of research you've done.
  4. citing sources strengthens your work by lending outside support to your ideas.

From Plagiarismdotorg

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