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WHSL Forensic Medicine: Journals and Articles

Finding electronic journals and electronic books

Click on the link below to open a search box where you can enter the title, or part of the title, of the journal you need. This is not for finding articles on a subject, but only for locating a particular journal when you know the title, or part of the title. 

Click on the e-books tab to search for electronic books by title.

 Please select one of the following options, from the drop down list. 

Starts with (this is the default)

  • Match all words (enter the full journal title)
  • Match exact words (enter the words exactly as they appear in the journal title)
  • Match any words (enter any words that may appear in the journal title) 

For subject searching, you need to go to one of the databases such as PubMed.

Please note that if there are errors in this portal. Please report these by email here. We apologise for this, and we will be working on fixing these. 

It's not at Wits....

If the journal article you require is not available either in print or in electronic format at any of Wits Libraries, and you are a post-graduate student, or a member of staff, you may request a copy from another library in South Africa from Inter-Library Loans (ILL). You will be asked to provide your student information and your Library PIN. Please enter as much detail as possible, and submit. You will be contacted once the article arrives if you provide a phone number at which you can be reached during office hours. You may enter this in the column that asks for an amount that you are willing to pay for the article. Please note: there is a nominal charge for all ILLs, depending on from where the article is obtained.

Medical Subject Headings relating to Law and Legal Issues

Terms below link to PubMed articles. Click on the link to open it in MeSH and then add it to search builder, search and find articles. Alternatively, search on a topic and use the subheading "Legislation and Jurisprudence"

Advance Directives ( Including Living Wills)

Compensation and Redress

Confidentiality (including Disclosure, Duty to Warn, and Genetic Privacy)


Criminal Law

Duty to Recontact

Expert Testimony

Forensic Psychiatry (including Insanity Defense)

Informed Consent (including Consent Forms, Informed Consent By Minors, Third-Party Consent?


Intellectual Property (including Copyright, Patents as Topic)

Judicial Role

Liability, Legal

Malpractice (Including Defensive Medicine, Professional Impairment )

Mandatory Reporting

Mental Competency


Presumed Consent

Resuscitation Orders

Supreme Court Decisions

Wills (including Living Wills)

Wrongful Life