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Bout Zotero

Zotero (pronounced "zoh-TAIR-oh") is a Firefox add-on that collects, manages, and cites research sources. It's easy to use, lives in your web browser where you do your work, and best of all it's free.

Zotero is the only research tool that automatically senses content, allowing you to add it to your personal library with a single click. It allows you to attach PDFs, notes and images to your citations, organize them into collections for different projects, and create bibliographies.

It automatically updates itself periodically to work with new online sources and new bibliographic styles.

Zotero is freely available for download from


For detailed information see  Zotero 


Downloading and Installing Zotero

To get started you will need to download and install Zotero

Compatibility with Wits Library Databases

Zotero automatically captures citations from library catalogs and databases. 


Zotero is compatible with the University of Witwatersrand Library Catalog, as well as many of the Library's electronic databases. Zotero automatically detects library records, news items, journal articles, and other objects you might like to save in your collection.

 Below is a list of compatibile databses or sites

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