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CLM : Commerce Law & Management Prescribed Recommended and Open Textbooks: CLM e-Books

This is a one stop gateway to CLM Prescribed, Recommended and Open Textbooks as well as Electronic Books




An introduction to the policy process : theories, concepts, and models of public policy making - ON ORDER

Birkland, Thomas A.


Armstrong's Handbook of Performance Management : An Evidence-Based Guide to Delivering High Performance.

Armstrong, Michael, 1928-


Entrepreneurship and how to establish your own business / Johan Strydom (editor)   Cecile Nieuwenhuizen (consulting editor)


Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice


Armstrong, Michael, 1928-.

Business Statistics made easy in SAS Lee,Gregory

Transformative research and evaluation


Mertens, Donna M.

Open innovation : researching a new paradigm  / edited by Henry Chesbrough, Wim Vanhaverbeke and Joel West


The fifth discipline : the art and practice of the learning organization ON ORDER


Senge, Peter M.

The policing web 


Brodeur, Jean-Paul.

The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management


Renz, David O.

Being an expert professional practitioner the relational turn in expertise

Edwards, Anne, 1946-



Turner, Thomas.

Peace Operations


Diehl, Paul F.

An introduction to the English school of international relations : the societal approach


Buzan, Barry.