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School of Human & Community Development (SHCD): Library Services

Inter-Library Loan Services

Interlibrary loans (ILL) is a service which supports and enhances the University Library collections when these fail to meet the needs of the University academic staff and postgraduate students. ILLs are transactions between the libraries of institutions to facilitate access to information which extends beyond that held by any individual library, and there is usually a cost incurred. This service is based on the premise that no single library can meet completely the information needs of researchers.


This service is primarily used by staff and postgraduate students.


Main Desk Circulation Loans

Loan Periods


Status of user No. of items allowed Loan period (days)
Undergraduates 6 7
4th year and Honours students 8 14
Masters students 12 30
PhD students 15 30
University staff 30 45
Wits Health Sciences Library Number of items according to user status as above 14 days for all items, all users, except for short loans
Most corporate users 2 7
Most permit holders 2 7
  • The number of items is the total of items of all kinds on loan at any one time from one or more libraries.
  • Only 3 overnight items may be taken on any one night.
  • Eight (8) additional loan items for scores are allowed to staff and students in the School of Music.
  • The loan conditions for journals vary from branch to branch.

Knowledge Commons

The Knowledge Commons

Are Located in  Wartenweiler Library on the East Campus.

Ø  KC 1 is on First Floor

Ø  KC 2 is on Second Floor

They provide undergraduates with "one-stop-shop" for access to "Pay for Print", E-resources and office software to process their work. They are user-centered learning facility integral to the academic lives of Wits students. They facilitate a variety of student learning opportunities to support the full range of the discovery process: from identification and collection of information to creation of the final essay, spreadsheet or presentation. They build an inclusive community through a shared purpose in discovery and learning.