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School of Human & Community Development (SHCD): Psychology


Welcome to the LibGuide for PSYCHOLOGY

Here you will find an introduction to some of the many resources available for Pyschology which should give you some handy starting points to carry out your research.


We look forward to seeing you in the library or hearing from you by phone or email if you are studying or working off-campus.



Finding Journals

Accredited journals are recognized research output which meet specified criteria and therefore qualify for subsidisation by the Department of Education (DoE). To receive subsidy or recognition for an article you have written, you should select a journal which is accredited from one of the lists below.

The Department of Education's List of Accredited Journals is compiled from journals included in ISI and IBSS, as well as South African journals selected by the Department of Education for this purpose and listed under SA List of Accredited Journals (DoE).

Library Skills

Finding Articles


  • Great source for finding recent & credible info
  • You will need to refer to quality articles to support your own research arguments
  • Articles are published in journals & indexed in databases

  • You can search thousands of journals by searching databases