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WHSL Vancouver Citation Style Guide for Theses, Dissertations and Research Reports: Government/Legal Publications

Replaces the section on citations (references) in the official Faculty of Health Sciences Style Guide for Theses, Dissertations and Research Reports


The legal profession employs a unique system of citation unlike that generally used in medicine and the sciences. For the purposes of this Style Guide, every attempt has been made to simplify the requirend citation information. Examples of the most commonly cited medico-legal material are given.

It is not necessary to give the place of publication, or publisher, unless this has been specified, for example in the case of a White or Green paper. Paper and e-citations take the same format. 

The main idea behind this type of citation is to provide enough detail so that someone else can find the original material. If you need further help with citing government and/or legal publications, and the examples you require are not found here, please consult one of the librarians at WHSL.

Government Gazettes

South Africa. Dept. of Health. 1996. National Policy for Health Act, 1990 (Act No. 116 of 1990). Free primary health care services. Government Gazette No. 17507:1514 25 Oct. 

In this example, 17507 is the Gazette Number. This is followed by :1514 - this is the notice number in this Gazette. 


Provincial Gazettes

Gauteng. (South Africa). 2003. Department of Agriculture, Conservation, Environment and Land Affairs. Publication of the Gauteng health care waste management draft regulations. Gauteng Provincial Gazette No. 373:3003, 9 Nov.  



1. South Africa. 2012. Dept. Women, Children and People with Disabilities. Draft first country report to the United Nations on the implementation of the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.  Available: [Accessed 28.12.2012]

2. South Africa. Statistics SA. 2010. Millenium development goals: country report. Available: [Accessed 28.12.2012].



South Africa. National Health Act No. 61 of 2003. 

Regulations to an Act

South Africa. 2012. National Health Act of 2003. Regulations: Rendering of clinical forensic medicine services. Government Gazette No. 35099 2 March (Published under Government Notice R176).  



South Africa. 2006. Traditional Health Practitioners Bill, No. B66B-2003First version: Published 10 Oct 2003. Commencement date: 13 Jan 2006.

Green/White Papers

South Africa. 2011. Department of Health Green Paper: National Health Insurance in South Africa.  

Case Law

Rex v Jopp and Another 1949 (4) SA 11 (N)

Rex v Jopp and Another Name of the parties concerned

1949: Date of decision (or when the case was heard)

(4): Volume number

SA: SA Law Reports

11: Page or section number

(N): In this case Natal - where the case was heard. Similarly, (C) woud indicate Cape, (G) Gauteng, and so on.