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Copyright Guidelines for Staff & Students of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (WITS): Applying for Permission (Transactional Licences)

This LibGuide provides definitions, legislation and procedures for copyright clearance for teaching and research purposes.

When to Apply for a Transactional Licence

Separate Transactional Licences (outside the ambit of the Blanket Licence) are required for the reproduction of the following:

  • for extracts of works to be placed on a flashstick, CD or DVD;
  •  portions of works which exceed the limits as set out under Blanket Licence requirements;
  • out of print works;
  • items from webpages or electronic databases;
    printed music (including the words);
  • illustrations and/or photographs, maps and charts (where not part of the text);
  • texts of examination papers, whether published individually or in collections, by other institutions;
  • publications not mandated in the Blanket Licence (check with Scholarly Communications Librarian)

In the above cases, you need to send the Scholarly Communications Librarian a motivating email setting out the reasons why you need permission, the bibliographic details of the work (e.g. author, title, vol. or other number, date, publisher, number of pages, etc.) and she will apply directly to the publishers for permission.  In these instances, you may not copy until permission has been obtained in writing. Your School will be responsible for payment of any copyright fees in this regard.