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Copyright Guidelines for Staff & Students of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (WITS): What/How Much May You Copy?

This LibGuide provides definitions, legislation and procedures for copyright clearance for teaching and research purposes.

Copyright Limitations and Exceptions

The sub-pages under this Tab provide information on limitations and exceptions allowed in the Copyright law for personal, library and educational purposes, e.g. Section 12 (Fair Dealing) and Section 13 (Regulations). There are no copyright limitations and exceptions for blind or visually impaired persons at this stage.

PLEASE NOTE:    Before copying and scanning material onto SAKAI or other e-learning platforms, please check to see whether the material is available on our e-databases on the Library website.  If the articles are available on the e-databases, then you should only place the title and URL links on SAKAI or other e-learning platforms.  Do not scan the whole article if it is available on the e-databases, otherwise we have to pay copyright twice.