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School Of Accountancy Resource Centre: Info-Ed (RIMS) Research Network

A Resource Guide to Accounting Information!

What is Info-Ed (RIMS)?

The Minister of Science and Technology (S&T) launched an integrated Research Information Management System (RIMS) on the 26th February 2008. The system is envisaged as a web-based tool to capture statistical information on research and development (R&D) activities by universities, science councils and other government R&D funding agencies. The system is set to provide government with real-time information on human resources for science, engineering and technology, R&D capacity and technology improvement and innovation. This strategic system is meant to be completely integrated with other existing systems at institutional level.  Further information, see:

Wits, together with other tertiary institutions in South Africa, is a member of Info-Ed (RIMS) which is coordinated by the National Research Foundation in Pretoria.



Info-Ed (RIMS) at Wits

To access Info-Ed (RIMS) at Wits (, you will need to obtain a login code from (Research Office) or (Scholarly Communication & Copyright Services Office).  

There are various modules that Wits staff and postgraduate students can use, e.g. copyright clearances, funding options, CV profiles, ethics clearance, technology transfer, networking with academics around the world, etc.