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School Of Accountancy Resource Centre: Publishers (not acceptable in academia)

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Publishers (not accepted in academia)

Unfortunately there are some publishers offering publication opportunities but their publishing practices are not acceptable in academia. Some offer options for publication in non-existent journals, whilst others provide no peer-review or editing services or other added value. Some charge excessive article processing charges to authors. To find out who these publishers are, you can do a search on Google under "preditory publishers" and you will find a list of  them.

Before publishing, just make sure that you are publishing in a reputable publication, by a reputable publisher, with proper peer-review, editing and other acceptable practices. 

If any Wits staff or students are contacted by any publishers to publish their theses/dissertations or republish their articles, please contact Wits Scholarly Communications and Copyright Services Office ( or Wits Legal Office ( before publishing your work,  as the intellectual property belongs to Wits University.