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Wartenweiler Circulation And General Services Guide: Collections-Third Floor

A Guide to the Main Services of the Wartenweiler Library

M - Music and books on music


ML        Literature on music

MT        Instruction and study

N Fine Arts

           Visual arts

NA          Architecture 

NB          Sculpture

NC          Graphic arts

ND          Painting

NE          Print media

NX          Arts in general

P Language and Literature

P          Philosophy and linguistic

PA       Classical language and literature

PC       Romance languages

PE       English language

PF       Germanic languages (incl. Afrikaans)

PG       Slavic language and literature (incl. Russian)

PJ        Oriental language and literature (incl. Hebrew)

PL        Asian language and literature

PN      Literary history and collections (drama, theathre,


PQ       Romance literature

PR       English literature

PS       American literature

PT       Germanic literatures (including Afrikaans)



Q Science

QA         Mathematics

QB         Astronomy

QC         Physics

QD         Chemistry

QE         Geology

QH         Natural history, biology (incl. genetics)

QK         Botany

QL         Zoology

QM        Human anatomy

QP        Physiology

QR        Microbiology

R Medicine

RA       State medicine

RB        Pathology

RC        Practice of medicine

RD        Surgery

RJ         Pediatrics

RK        Dentistry

RT         Nursing


S Agriculture

SB       Plant culture

SD       Forestry

SF       Animal culture

SH       Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling

SK       Hunting sports

T Technology

TA        Engineering (General). Civil engineering

TC        Hydraulic engineering. Ocean engineering

TD        Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering

TE        Highway engineering. Roads and pavements

TF        Railroad engineering and operation

TG        Bridge engineering

TH        Building construction

TJ         Mechanical engineering and machinery

TK        Electrical engineering. Electronic. Nuclear engineering

TL         Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics

TN        Mining engineering. Metallurgy

TP        Chemical technology

TR        Photography

TS        Manufactures

TT        Handicrafts. Arts and crafts

TX        Home economics

U Military Science

UA      Armies: Organization, distribution, military situation

UB       Armies: Organization, distribution, military situation

UC       Military administration

UC       Maintenance and transportation

UD       Infantry

UE       Calvalry Armor

UF       Artellery

UG      Military engineering. Air forces

UH      Other services

V Naval Science

VA     Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation

VB     Naval administration

VC     Naval maintenance

VD     Naval seamen

VE     Marines

VF     Naval ordinance

VG     Minor services of navies

VK     Navigation. Merchant marine

VM    Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering

Z Bibliography, Library Science. Information resources (General)

Z        Books (General). Writing. Paleography. Book industries

           and trade. Libraries. Bibliography

ZA      Information resources (General)