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Wartenweiler Circulation And General Services Guide: Basement Collection

A Guide to the Main Services of the Wartenweiler Library

Basement Store Books

AZ                History of Scholarship and Learning

B                  Philosophy- Psychology- Religion

C                  Auxiliary Sciences of History

D                  World History and History of Europe- Asia- Africa- Australia- New Zealand

E-F               History of the Americas

G                 Geography- Anthropology- Recreation

H                  Social Sciences

J                   Political Science

L                   Education

M                  Music

N                   Fine Arts

P                   Language

PN                 Literature

PQ                 French Literature

PR                 English Literature

PS                 American Literature

PT                 German Literature

Q                   Science (General)

S                    Agriculture

TH                  Building Construction

U                    Military Science (General)

Z                    Bibliography- Library Science- Information Science (General)


ML                 Music (References)       


The Library Store houses material that  is in less demand than stock on the main floors but is within an area of known teaching. The material is occasionally used and even borrowed nationally and international on Interlibrary Loan (ILL).    

Bound Journals

A                  Museum

B                  Philosophy

C                  Archaelogy

D                  History

E                  Publication in Anthropology

F                  Latin American

G                  American Anthropologist

H                   Human Relations

J                    International Studies

L                    Sight and Sound

M                   Music

N                    Art

P                    Language

Q                    Neuro-psychology

R                    Speech Language and Hearing Research

T                     Photography

Z                     Library and Information


All the bound journals are filed alphabetically in the basement.