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WHSL e-Books Collection: Printing, copying, & downloading

This guide will assist you to access eBooks that are provided through your library, and how to use them. There are different rules regarding use, download, and printing of eBooks.

What is Digital Rights Management (DRM) ?

Some of the e-Books  that we subscribed to have restrictions on accessibility and use. These restrictions are often created by the owner of the content whether it be a publisher, author, or another party who maintains rights over the digital product. The conditions often determine who may access the eBook, how it can be accessed or used, or whether it can be downloaded or printed.

Printing eBooks

Printing from eBooks is possible, but

  • As with paper books, it is illegal to print more than one chapter or 10% of the pages from an eBook
  • Some eBook software is designed to restrict printing to a limited number of pages only, or a limited number of pages per day