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WHSL e-Books Collection: P MeSH Headings

This guide will assist you to access eBooks that are provided through your library, and how to use them. There are different rules regarding use, download, and printing of eBooks.

Links to "P" MeSH Headings


Palliative Care


Patient Education Handout


See also Pediatric Nursing

Perioperative care


For Pharmacotherapy see "Drug Therapy" 

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Physical Examination

Physical Therapy (Modalities)

Physician Assistants


Primary Health Care

Prostatic Neoplasms

Psychiatric Status Rating Scale


Public Health

Pulmonary Medicine

.MeSH definition: A subspecialty of internal medicine concerned with the study of the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. It is especially concerned with diagnosis and treatment of diseases and defects of the lungs and bronchial tree