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Science - Biophy Library - Chemistry Libguide: Training and Development

This will provide a very useful and helpful guide to the literature of Chemistry for students, staff and researchers alike.


The library's Information Literacy training programme is designed to provide support to students and staff undertaking research. Courses follow the research cycle and should help you identify, plan, gather, evaluate and manage research information.
Workshops include demonstration of subject specific sources: databases, e-books, e-journals, theses, and provides tips on effective literature searching, citing and referencing options.

Please contact your librarian to arrange focused Information literacy workshops for Postgraduate students.

Citation of Datasets

Data requires citations for the same reasons journal articles and other types of publications require citations: to acknowledge the original author/producer and to help other researchers find the resource.

Postgraduate Studies at Wits

Postdoctoral Fellows

The university has a strong commitment to the full involvement of postdoctoral trainees in all aspects of the scientific, educational and cultural activities of the community. Wits is implementing a plan to grow our research intensity over the next 10 years. Part of this plan will be to support in excess of 200 postdoctoral fellows.