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Science - Biophy Library - Chemistry Libguide: Design Data Collection Methods

This will provide a very useful and helpful guide to the literature of Chemistry for students, staff and researchers alike.

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Data Management

The library supports researchers in the management and curation of research data by providing the following services:

+ Data Management guidelines: This Data Management Libguide is a practical self-help guide to the management and curation of research data throughout its life cycle. It provides guidance on a range of topics, including: planning for data management, documentation/metadata, file formats, data organization, data security and backup, citing data, data integration, funder requirements, ethical and legal issues, and sharing and archiving data.

+ Assistance with creating data management plans: Many funders, such as the National Science Foundation, have requirements for data sharing and data management plans. We can help you to put together such a plan, assess the data management needs of your particular project, and assist in identifying solutions for data management and archiving.

+ Workshops: The Data Services Librarian offers workshops designed for researchers to offer basic practical strategies for research data management.

+ Individual consultation and collaboration with researchers: We are available for individual consultation on data management issues, and can provide expertise in areas such as data organization and preservation, connect you to a network of data management services, and advocate for your needs. We can help you in understanding your data management needs and recommending optimal practices for keeping your data usable, now and into the future.

+ Referrals to related services: WIReDSpace is a possible option for making research publicly available and ensuring open access to it, depending on publishers policies. 


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