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WHSL EndNote: Add references from PubMed

software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references

Importing from Old Pubmed LINK TO OLD PUBMED/LEGACY PUBMED (for a limited time 30/09/2020)

Open EndNote

Run Your Search in PubMed

Tick articles that must be saved and open Send to box.

Click on Citation Manager and then on Create File.  A file named citations.nbib is automatically saved to youdownloads folder when you click on Save

In EndNote, click on File > Import >File

Browse to the citations.nbib file and select it. 

Choose the PubMed (NLM) filter



Importing from New PubMed

The new website address is

User-added image

You can use the following steps to export a file to import into EndNote.

  1. Go to the PubMed website in your web browser. The address is
  2. Execute your searches to obtain search results (Select "Send to" to save records from multiple searches as you work to either to Clipboard, My Bibliography or Collections). The My Bibliography or Collections does require an account be created with PubMed.

    User-added image
  3. On the search results page, use "Send to" and select the "Citation manager" option.
    User-added image

  4. Click on Create File.
    User-added image

    This should bring up a dialog box allowing you to save the NBIB file containing your selected references.

  5. In EndNote, open the library where you would like these references saved.
  6. Under the File menu select "Import" then "File".
  7. In the Import Option field, select the Other Filters... option and select the Import filter called "PubMed (NLM)".
  8. In the Import Data File field, select the Choose File... button, and then select your downloaded *.NBIB file.
  9. Click the Import button and your references will be imported.

Please Note in step 4 you might also have an option to open the file with a program and you can select EndNote and if you have your library open then references should be imported with a few less steps needed.