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WHSL Academic Staff Guide at the Faculty of Health Sciences: Teaching & Learning

Useful information about WHSL and its services and Faculty of Health Sciences for academic staff members

WHSL LibGuides

The following WHSL LibGuides may be useful for your teaching, and can be embedded into any e-learning management system (such as Sakai, Moodle, etc.) for any course. If you would like information on how to embed links to a LibGuide, or a new LibGuide to be developed in your subject area/s, please contact Devind Peter.

Senate Principles of Teaching and Learning

New members of staff may find this document on teaching and learning at Wits helpful. Other documents on teaching & learning at Wits can be found on the Intranet.

Unit for Undergraduate Medical Education ( UUME)

The UUME supports teaching & learning at the Faculty of Health Sciences, and is responsible for co-ordinating the Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP).

For assistance with teaching portfolios, developing teaching skills, lecturer evaluations, and any other individual needs relating to teaching & learning, please contact the Faculty's Education Development Co-ordinator Assoc Prof Patricia McInerney.

Academic Planning Office (APO)

Policy documents relating to Academic Planning can be found on the Wits Intranet. These include policies on the assessment of student learning, as well as documents relating to the improvement of teaching and learning. 

New courses at the Faculty of Health Sciences that are sent to APO require WHSL comment. The Library checklist that appears on the APO Academic Developments Intranet page applies ONLY to other Faculties. The WHSL checklist can be downloaded from the link below.

Note the Intranet only works when you are searching on campus or have VPN installed on your remote workstation.

Resources for Academic Staff

Resources for academic staff from CHSE include information on the evaluation of teaching, the teaching portfolio, student ratings for the evaluation of teaching, peer evaluation of teaching, and course ratings.

Teaching Students to Avoid Plagiarism

Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism: the WPA statement on best practices gives excellent advice on how to assist your students to avoid plagiarising the work of others. Developed by the Council of Writing Program Administrators, it discusses the reason for plagiarised sources, and suggests effective remedies to counteract these. If you would like to work with WHSL to set specific examples and exercises for your classes, please contact Dr Glenda Myers. See also the Avoiding Plagiarism tab in this guide, and refer your students to the Citing the Medical Literature LibGuide. Both the last two links have a further link to Turnitin to check for plagiarism. NB: The Turnitin standalone platform ( was phased out on 31 December 2013 and is only available in read-only mode. You can access all your prevoius work but it will not be possible to upload new submissions.

Turnitin’s services have fully been integrated into Wits-e/Sakai. This means that both students and academics can use Turnitin when using the assignments 2 tool. Wits-e now offers similar plagiarism detection functionality as well as assessment and grading functionalities. In other words, the Wits-e / Sakai platform offers academics more advantages and well integrated tools that support the process of plagiarism detection.

Postgraduate Supervisors now have to create Sakai courses for each student undertaking a research based dissertation or thesis (or a class course if the master's degree is by teaching and research) for the purpose of plagiarism checking.

Articles on Faculty Development

You may find these articles from WHSL's e-journal collections about improving clinical teaching useful. If you are accessing this guide remotely, and the article does not open, please enter your Library PIN for access to WHSL's collections.

Faculty Focus

Faculty Focus publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom — both face-to-face and online. Read some of the latest articles from the links below.

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