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WHSL Academic Staff Guide at the Faculty of Health Sciences: Useful General Information

Useful information about WHSL and its services and Faculty of Health Sciences for academic staff members

Wits Computing Services for Staff

Everything you need to know about computing services for staff at Wits is listed in this booklet. The IT service desk  can be contacted on Tel. 011 717-1717 or emailed (see link below). All new computer service applications should be routed through the Faculty ICT Committee: Chair Mr Jason Hemingway.


Wits has joined the eduroam® (education roaming) family which will be available on the Wits Wireless Network infrastructure. 

eduroam® is a secure global wireless service that enables students, researchers, academic and support staff to obtain secure and fast Internet connectivity across participating organisations in 54 countries. This service is explicitly setup for use by visiting students, researchers, academic and support staff from participating organisations only i.e. it is not setup to be used by the Wits University Community members at any of the Wits campuses. 

Wits University students, researchers, academic and support staff requiring this service at another participating institution will be restricted by the usage policies of that institution. To connect to the eduroam® wireless network, you will need to authenticate with your Wits Active Directory username and password in the following format:



In the case of a visitor using the eduroam® wireless network at Wits University, the visitor will need to use the username and password from their institution as long as the institution is an eduroam® participant. Once the visitor has successfully connected to and logged on to the eduroam® wireless network; the following TCP ports are open for internet connectivity, from the Wits network:

·         HTTP (80) – normal, unsecured website browsing such as

·         HTTPs (443) – secure website browsing such as internet banking and e-commerce websites

·         IMAP (143) – normal IMAP mailbox client-server synchronisation

·         IMAP-SSL (993) – secure IMAP mailbox client-server synchronisation using Secure Sockets Layer

·         POP (110) – normal POP3 mailbox email fetching

·         POP3-SSL (995) – secure POP3 mailbox email fetching using Secure Sockets Layer

·         SMTP (465, 587) – Mail Submission Agents (MSAs), variants of legacy SMTP (port 25)

·         SSH (22) – Secure SHell, encrypted data communication for remote command-line login

·         VPN – various ports for the various protocols

Parking at Medical School

To arrange visitor parking, contact The Faculty Offices (Tel 011 717-2003). Please note parking is extremely limited. Visitors are encouraged to park in the visitor parking area under the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital adjacent to the Medical School.

WHSL cannot arrange parking for you or your visitors.

About Wits

General information about the University of the Witwatersrand.

Wits e-Mail

All Wits staff are automatically assigned an e-mail address using Active Directory (AD) when added to the staff database. If you need your e-mail  name changed for any reason, contact your HR officer.

ICAM Office

The ICAM (Integrated Campus Management) office manages all issues concerning security and access cards, including staff and student cards.

Library Access for Hospital Staff

Staff from affiliated teaching hospitals need to apply for a visitor access (ICAM) card in order to use WHSL physically. Contact Mr Devind Peter to obtain application forms, which need to be signed by the Academic Head of Department. ICAM cards need to be obtained on proof of payment at the Cashier's Office, Administration Building, on the Wits Education Campus. Unfortunately no remote access to library resources is possible at the moment for this category of staff. The file below shows the access process in flowchart format.     

Library Computer Venues

WHSL offers six computer teaching and learning spaces that can be booked when not in use for library-related training. The Cyber Classroom is a twelve-workstation (can accommodate up to 24 students sharing) fixed computer venue, equipped with data projector and screen, lapel microphone, and a tutor workstation. The Cyber Resource Centre (CRC) is equipped with 10 workstations and a tutor pc, as well as with a data projector and screen, and is ideal for small group training. The Cyber Space is a wifi enabled multifunction teaching and learning area, that can be divided into two sections, and which seats 50 comfortably. There are two linked data projectors and two screens and a lapel microphone, and this venue is ideal for students with their own laptops/tablet devices. The Cyber Teaching & Learning (CT&L) Rooms A and B are both wifi enabled venues, seating 18 and 30 comfortably. The smaller venue (A) is equipped with an overhead projector and screen. A portable projector can be hired for use in the larger venue. To book any of these venues for teaching or training, when not in use by WHSL, contact Mr Devind Peter. 

Human Resources at Faculty of Health Sciences

Contact  Mr Charles Gilbert for all human resource matters at the Faculty of Health Sciences. This includes information about Wits staff/postgraduate student ID numbers for MMed Registrars, and for matters affecting joint staff appointments.