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WHSL Academic Staff Guide at the Faculty of Health Sciences: Undergraduate Student Services

Useful information about WHSL and its services and Faculty of Health Sciences for academic staff members

Teaching & Learning at Wits

Senate Document S2005/548a outlines the Principles of Teaching & Learning at Wits and may be helpful to new academic staff. 

Undergraduate Information Literacy Training

WHSL runs undergraduate information literacy training classes during curriculum time on request of all departments in all schools, and across all degree programmes offered by the Faculty. Owing to the large number of students requiring training at the beginning of each academic year, it is essential that bookings for each academic year are made as early as possible at the end of the preceding year. Contact Dr Glenda Myers to arrange training for your students. 

Topics covered include searching for information in subject specific databases, how to cite references and use the Faculty's preferred citation styles, copyright and avoidance of plagiarism, use of e-journals and e-books. 

Ask about designing a specific resource or teaching LibGuide that will involve the use of critical thinking exercises to embed into your e-learning programmes. See under the Database & Websites tab for a complete list of existing WHSL LibGuides.

Teaching Basic Research to Undergraduates

Undergraduate students often struggle with the concepts of researching and writing assignments. Feel free to introduce them to these basic concepts in the research process in the WHSL Introduction to Research in the Biomedical Sciences guide. 

Undergraduate Officers at the Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty Assistant Registrar: Ms Sandra Benn

Head: Undergraduate Administration and Deputy Registrar: Ms Henda van der Walt

Senior Faculty Officer, MMed, MDent: Tabea Lephuthing

Senior Faculty Office, PHD, MSc: Mpumi Mnqapu

Senior Faculty Officer, GEMP and BCMP: Post vacant

Senior Faculty Officer, Medicine, Dentistry and Oral Hygiene: Ms Thabitha Magethi

Senior Faculty Officer, Therapeutic Sciences: Mr Morne Greyling

Overnight (Shortloan), Prescribed and Recommended Textbooks

WHSL policy on overnight books has been endorsed by the Faculty's Undergraduate Committee. Recommended textbooks may be placed on a shortloan system (overnight and in-library loan) or on a one day or three-day loan for your classes. Preference is given to e-book versions wherever possible, and educators are encouraged to explore WHSL's e-book collection. These books do not require an e-book reader, and are available on the web 24/7. Remote access is enabled by means of the Library PIN. Most e-books at WHSL have simultaneous user licenses, which means that many readers can access the same information at the same time. Many of these books allow mobile access to certain amounts of text. Use of all e-books are still subject to the laws of copyright.

WHSL does not purchase prescribed textbooks. Students are encouraged to purchase these for themselves.

Contact Mr Devind Peter to place an item in the overnight collection, or Ms Patricia Warner to enquire about number of simultaneous licenses available for specific e-books.

Book Lists

The University's policy on book lists and procedures in this regard can be found on the Registrar's Helpdesk under Academic Support (B) on the Wits Intranet. Note the Intranet only works when you are searching on campus or have VPN installed on your remoted workstation.

Faculty of Health Sciences Book Bursary Scheme

This scheme is administered by WHSL on behalf of the Faculty of Health Sciences, which receives an annual allocation from the Financial Aid Office at the University. Books are only issued to students in receipt of University bursaries. Students will be asked to produce proof that they are bursary holders (a green form is issued with each bursary pack by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office), and this form must be completed by each student. Students are asked to sign for receipt of all bursary books issued to them, and these books are then issued to the student for a year. Books must be returned to WHSL at the end of examinations each year. Final examination results are withheld if books are not returned. Bursary books remain the property of the Faculty. Books are recycled and issued to students each year.

Mr Devind Peter runs this scheme on behalf of the Faculty with administrative assistance from Mr Isaac Tshabalala.