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Data Management for Wits: Guidance: On Applying for grants: funding proposal and data managment plans

The following is general advice,data varies hugely between types of research and projects.

What does this mean for your research?

Sharing data and doing data management is not cheap or easy.SO PUT IT IN YOUR GRANT

Many researchers are worried about sharing data and doing data management. This is because its undoubtedly a time consuming and expensive task. In most research projects, its a task that is already being done, often by a combination of administrative staff, PhD. or Master's students and the PI. It's not always central to the research and it can feel like a burden. This is a burden that the e-research office was designed to help alleviate. If you include the office in your grant at the application stage we will help you write a justification for data management.

We suggest that if your funder wants data shared and managed then they have to be prepared for that to appear in the funding proposal. We suggest that many funders are open to seeing money and time go towards this function. The first thing to say is that data management is a full-time job. If you have a large project, this is not something a PhD. student should be doing on the side. A research data manager will make your life infinitely easier.There are not a lot of people in South Africa specifically qualified in this field but luckily Wits is one of the few places that does offer these degrees.We also train data scientists and digital Arts researchers. 

If your grant will not allow for this, then you can put it in as a consultation with statistician and informatics specialists. .It's especially important to budget for software, time to learn software and storage. As far as cleaning data goes and also data preservation, the library can offer services. However, we need to approve this in a data management plan so we can assure your funder that the resources are available and will be available for the term of the grant.

It also important to note that data can be published by itself and that you can get a grant for work that you do in improving methodologies and data management techniques and click here.Click here! 

Why do data planning:I have a research proposal already

Data plans can help you:

  • Describe how data will be managed methodologically to ensure the validity.
  • Support scientific exchange and transparency by helping you share your data in ways that safe and ethical.
  • Provide evidence for the research accompanying your published results or thesis.

These are all funder requirements. They also help manage the possible IP and ethics problems by preempting issues before the projects start.

Example of Data Mangment Plans that funding agencies approved

What Are Digital Object Identifiers

 A DOi looks like this

The first part, the 10. is the prefix; it the assigning organization. The secondary section refers to the journal, repository or university issuing the DOI, the last is unique to an item.

These are DOI  that are strings of text which always( well almost always) go back to the right pages. They are registered with and a lot of librarians put a lot of effort into ensuring that when you click that identifier will always take you to that dataset.Technically they are:

  • persistent interpretable identifiers.
  • What that means is the link don't die or get broken and that they will work anywhere.
  • We have them together with a license to make sure that when a data set is used it is CITED.
  • Please don't forget to cite the software the data is in along with the dataset itself.