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Data Management for Wits: Data Management tools : software and repositories

The following is general advice,data varies hugely between types of research and projects.

Above all else, the reason we recommend Open Science Framework is due to its extensive interoperability with other program and data tools. They do what they say they do and they continually add new software.

It's particularly powerful that it has JASP plugin.This is an open source statistics software that is considerably easier than SPSS, STATA OR R.

Data Preparation and Archiving

Importance of Data Sharing and Archiving

Archives and domain repositories that preserve and disseminate social and behavioral data perform a critical service to the scholarly community and to society at large, ensuring that these culturally significant materials are accessible in perpetuity. The success of the archiving endeavor, however, ultimately depends on researchers’ willingness to deposit their data and documentation for others to use.Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving.

Why privacy matters when you have absolutely nothing to hide

Figshare in South Africa

WE LOVE REDCAP, if you have clinical data look no further


Data Analysis Software

Below is a list of available software,to help you analyze,manage,and visualize data.Contact your Data Services Librarian for assistance.